About Us

“Bob has the ability to see the big picture and break it down to the necessary implementation steps.”  - Genay K. Airey, ChFC

Bringing you the CEO’s perspective

Business acumen, depth of knowledge and management expertise.

Corporate Connection Consulting [CCC] provides expertise to entrepreneurial and mid-market companies who seek to substantially grow, dramatically improve their operations, enhance their value proposition, develop strategic plans and impact corporate culture.

Prior to establishing CCC, Bob Mallo was president of the Follett Educational Distribution Group of the Follett Corporation. He had overall responsibility for Follett Educational Services, Follett Library Resources and BWI business units for the company. Bob has more than 25 of senior and C level executive and general management experience.

Bob possesses strong and decisive leadership skills to craft corporate culture and tap into employee potential while attracting world-class talent and developing top leadership. His proven track record of consistent and measurable gains in revenue, operating profit, ROIC and Economic Profit is evident in every project handled by Corporate Connection Consulting.

Bob brings forward his keen financial, sales, marketing, operating e-business, strategic planning and performance when working with each client.  He has a proven track record of driving substantial sales growth through innovative and performance based metrics and incentives. A superb record of leadership and development of industry wide innovations are reflected in his ability to “connect the dots” of business to generate exemplary results and long-term performance.

Bob has a passion for people and performance, and a proven track record of both.