Areas of Expertise

“Bob’s hard work and dedication has translated into success during the many years he has served in executive leadership roles within high profile and growing companies.”  - Brian Laciak, Laciak Accountancy Group, P.C.

Your Success Is Our Success

At Corporate Connection Consultants, we support you in a variety of ways.  Our work provides support for your:

  1. Growth. Picture your business in steady growth mode – always. Our four-step process honed over decades will help catapult or sustain your company’s “First in Line” position with customers.
  2. Strategy. Helping you discover or uncover your company’s “secret sauce.” We identify the key one to three things that you and your company will not only be known for, but renowned for.
  3. Operations. Proven problem solvers who can help you deliver on promises to your customers even better, faster and cheaper – guaranteed!
  4. Execution. Most good ideas die in execution. We have a proven track record of delivering exemplary results through accountability, establishment of key metrics, project management and insisting on accountably of the right things.
  5. Budget/Financial.  As a CEO, you need a keen understanding of how to build and, more importantly, interpret your budget. We have built and dissected budgets for more than 25 years. We sit down and figure out how to make the budget work to meet your company’s financial goals.
  6. Leadership. As a CEO, only you know what its like to sit in your chair at the helm of your company. Our decades as a CEO or business owner provides invaluable insight, which allows us to know with precision the issues you face and provide practical, options to help you transform a problem into a new opportunity.
  7. Leadership Development. As the head of your business, you need to select and develop the future leaders of your business who you can “delegate with trust.” We have several key determinants of success that you can apply to ensure success in this most critical business area.
  8. Culture.  Helping you Build trust with your customers and your associates. If you take care of these two things, they will take care of you.
  9. Contacts/Connections. As a CEO, you understand the power of personal relationships. We bring our extensive network of business leaders and owners to you to help build your business.
  10. Community. Your customers and associates want to be part of something that is bigger than themselves and adds value to the community at large. We have a proven track record of creating value through relationships.